What You Should Know:

"A beautiful project and poignant messages!"

Sandy Stec, Star 101.3 radio, San Francisco


“Wow Chris, what an inspiration you are to men and fathers everywhere!”

—Kristie Perkins

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is the #2 killer of men—behind only lung cancer. Approximately 32,000 men die from the disease each year in the USA alone!


GET TESTED when you turn 40. Early detection would save hundreds of thousands of lives! The initial PSA test is a simple blood draw.


IT’S A PROVEN MEDICAL FACT that laughter and a positive attitude can help boost your immune system up to 20%, which can help heal and even prevent cancer. These natural methods should be a part of the healing plan discussion.


PROMOTE QUALITY COMMUNICATION from those without cancer to those afflicted with cancer. We’re taught to FEAR the word cancer as children. Us cancer patients want and need to discuss our illness and issues just like any other person with misc. issues.

Premature Birth

All pregnant woman should be made aware that pre-mature birth happens frequently. 11% of all pregnancies end prematurely. If all were cognizant of what to know and do should this happen, many babies lives could be saved, and many would have the chance for a long healthy life.

Community Support is Crucial

The Hennessy’s began serving in children’s ministry as Sunday School leaders at Westgate Church, San Jose, CA in 2007. At that time they didn’t realize that getting active in their church community would soon bring them an entire new circle of friends and support. in 2009, when they needed it most, the outpouring of love and support from the Westgate community were crucial to the Hennessy’s recovery.