Happy Clients…and More Happy Clients!


You won’t believe what clients, customers, friends and colleagues have been saying about film-maker Chris Hennessy and his talented and eclectic film company, Custom Video Connection!


Chris’ expertise, experience and energy as a film producer, director, writer and film editor are quite admirable and amazing. Lots of happy professional people were so kind as to express their thoughts on the matter, and here is what they had to say about Chris and CVC:




Chris makes work 'fun'--his charisma, good humor and drive bring all participants to a shared result with speed and optimism. Our entire team found working with Chris was a worthwhile endeavor, and we're so glad he was able to spend the time and energy necessary to achieve the finished product. Chris Hennessy: videographer, director, writer and Energizer Bunny!

--Steven Backman, GM, Silver Creek Valley Country Club


It’s GREAT! I love how you made it fun yet informative! Thanks for the great videos you produce!

--Tiffany Morrison | National Instruments | Media Relations Specialist


Patti said you were getting great footage and that you were a total pro to work with as well. Thank you!

--Michael Vester at OfficeMax


Terrific, Chris, made me want to go to Roosters, and you were excellent as the room mediator!

--Chuck McCann/Hollywood Legend: Actor-Voice-TV-Comedy


You do this EXTREMELY well. I applaud you very loudly.

--Tony Sparks/Comic


Your direction put us all at ease immediately. You made the whole process painless and enjoyable,

no stress! All 500 attendees in Vegas loved the video!

--Greg Casella, CPCE, Catered Too, NACE National President


Hilarious! Love your style! Nice laughing with you!

--Katy Leaver, Reporter/Anchor of KGO Newstalk 810


Chris co-wrote, produced-directed a short tribute video that was presented at my daughter’s wedding reception in Auberge du Soleil, Napa, CA. Chris was awesome to work with; idea-driven, lightening-quick-wit-during filming, and an amazing ability to direct us. It was like working with a true Hollywood pro! When presented, the entire audience was in stitches.

--Del W. Masters, Father of the Bride



--Ed Byers, Deloitte


That video is perfect!

--Helen Zubrinic Director, Global SAP Alliance Deloitte


The video made judging a lot easier this year!

--Dr. Curt DeBerg, CPA, Center for Entrepreneurship, California State University, Chico


I would like to use a 30-second clip of your Zumba video for a weight loss video. I looked at all the other successful YouTube videos but yours by far was the best.

--Willie D. Bido


Way to go. It was an awesome promotional film! Thanks for all your hard work, professionalism and for being so fun to work with.

--Heather Russell, Teacher, Harker Schools


Clever, creative. You are a total and professional video storytelling artist!

--Nir Perry, Cassis Catering


The video was great! I'd like to post it on both our external and internal home pages. I just need the embed code. Great work!

--Lisa Cartozzolo, Silver Creek Valley Country Club


It’s very cool fun and entertaining, a classic Chris Hennessy edit.

--Jordan River Entertainment


Awesome job. I really like the interview style of the video. And you brought a crazy sense of humor to Kelly! Wow!

--Tom Lawrence, Regional Director, Northeast U.S., Kelly Services


It rocks!!

--Ken Hughes


I just looked at your MPI golf tournament video – now I wish that I had played – always a blast.

--Megan Keogh, CMP, Senior Director of National Accounts


Thanks so much, Chris! This film is awesome!

--Hilary Harband, Stanford Faculty Club


Thanks, Chris. It looks great!

--Georgie Gleim, President, Gleim the Jeweler


The videos for our retreat were amazing! They were so inspired, and Lisa even had the women repeat the phrase you had at the end of the video! The videos were pivotal, and for me the highlight of the weekend.

--Heather Russell, GG Coordinator


Awesome, Chris!! What a fantastic showcase of Fox Theatre and Blue Water Party Rentals! We are going to link the video on our Facebook page.

--Jaclyn Babcock, Convention & Leisure Services Manager


Wow, you did a fantastic job on the film! You do great work.

--Rahim Fazal/Involve


Thanks for all of the outstanding work you’ve done for BCA.

--Paul Bunton/lead architect of BCA Architects - paulb@bcaarchitects.com



--Jill Garcia/Human Resources Manager of Nor1 - (408) 355-9820 - jill.garcia@nor1.com


GREAT JOB on Volleyball Festival videos, they were great, and you nailed it with the Fan Cam!

--Ken Koziol/Solutions, AZ


Everybody loves the grand opening piece!

--Oceana Roman Marketing Coordinator, BCA Architects


Absolutely hysterical! You were Friggin’ great!

--Beth Schuman/Comic


Wow, that's awesome!

--Tina Gallo/Comic


Your work is great. I got exactly what I wanted and more!

--Heather Barbieri, Owner of Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club


Terrific video! This is sooooo much fun to watch!

--Janet Magleby, Director of Marketing/KGO Newstalk 810


Your creativity, talent and incredible sense of humor are evident throughout the production.

--Nina Patane - Patani Law Group


The video was awesome and was also very, very funny.

--Tanya/Gordan Ringold


It's so creatively touching, and we also laughed a lot. :-) YOU'RE AN AMAZING video producer and inspirational person!

--Noelle Wirth/Event Planner


Great job! The end product looks awesome!

--Anna Truong Deloitte


If it wasn't for your directing, co-writing, adding ad-libbed lines on location, our short film project would have NEVER happened!

--Andy Lammers/Coremetrics


Our Zumba Promo film has brought not only new business, but also credibility, popularity,
and an understanding that we're the best! Chris is a complete team-playing professional, and his incredible directing ability produced us a YouTube hit!

--Sabrina Martinez/isk-xfc.com


The results we got from your videos has been immeasurable!

--Pam Dickinson, Harker Schools


Someone suggested that we omit the video. I'm so glad we didn't. The "priceless" DVD far exceeded our expectations!

P.S. The short version is all you said it would be: A+.

--Linda Robles, Bride's mom


You sure know how to make one laugh! Great one, Chris!

--Susanna Gutierrez, Director of Catering Silver Creek Valley Country Club


It was your ability to “pump up the talent and getting them to relax and have fun.

--Ruth A. Callahan, 94.5 KBAY & Mix 106.5 KEZR


Chris's creative work and high energy were the perfect fit for our golf tournament, and for the promotional video he produced. Chris brought a ton of energy to our tournament, and not only provided a superb promotional video that suits our immediate marketing and promotion needs, he helped lift everyone's spirits during our pre-tournament downpour! Thank you, Chris, for your time, your efforts, your expertise, and your energy!

--Bree Haskell, Area Director, Silicon Valley Young Life


You are an amazing host in this "Let's Make A Deal" program.

--Willie Harmatz/Athletic Performance



--Gary A. Zetterberg, DC


Your interviewing skills, in my opinion, are much better than what we see on some of the network television outlets.

--Dean Clark


This video is fantastic!

--Pamela Keith/CuisineStyle


The video looks great!

--Veronique Baughman, Fox Theater, Redwood City, CA


The Los Altos Christmas promo Video made me cry!!! You did a fantastic job!!!!!! So sweet but real and authentic.

--Suzanne Glassman, Morning Star Entertainment