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May 1, 2014

Custom Video Connection in San Jose, California,

Launches Crucial Crowdfunding Campaign to Finance True Life Story:

“Touched by Hannah”


Bay Area Filmmaker Rushes to Tell His Story!


Diagnosed at age 52 with an aggressive prostate cancer, filmmaker and CEO of Custom Video Connection, Chris Hennessy, not only nearly died, but also had to confront the first of many life-threatening crises. In the same year (2009), Chris had cancer surgery (8/3/09), almost died a couple days later, and then daughter Hannah was born (9/1/09) three months premature (due date was 12/7/09) weighing merely one pound and nine ounces! Hannah was in the hospital (Intensive Care) for three months at the same time Chris began a three-month regimen of five-days-a-week radiation treatments.


Now occupied with the job of saving the life of his daughter as well as his own, how he and Hannah survived their ordeals has become for Chris Hennessy a pivotal story that he’s determined to tell via a feature length docudrama movie.


With meticulous planning and preproduction assets in the can, Custom Video Connection has now taken the second major step in making Founder Chris Hennessy’s cinematic dream a reality. Commencing on May 4, 2014, they are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to secure donations and funding to finance their movie, Touched by Hannah.


With close to 25 years experience as a full time filmmaker, Chris and his company Custom Video Connection recent client list includesOffice Max, eBay, Deloitte, Zumba and the Four Seasons Hotel. They have produced more than 1500 professional films and seen more than four million Internet video views. Chris is now confident and ready for the main course, Touched by Hannah, his first feature length film.


Besides writing the film treatment and complete screenplay his production company has a business plan and commercial website and popular social networks in place.


"Chris's ability to stay focused, his faith, confidence, positive attitude andone-of-a-kind sense of humor making everyone around him laugh and relax, even in life’s most challenging times, is the real glue to this story and makes Touched by Hannah such a delight,” said assistant producer, Patrick P. Stafford.


To contribute to Touched by Hannah's Indiegogo campaign(5/4/14 – 6/4/14)and view the film promo video/trailer, please go to:


*Prior to May 4, please check ourIndiegogoPreview Page:


Film producer/director Chris Hennessy is available for questions and media interviews, with his full contact info provided herein below.


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Chris Hennessy

CEO/Founder and Producer & Director


San Jose, California 95124


Phone: (408) 267-3012


Touched by Hannah,

a Feature Docudrama Film

Indiegogo Campaign:

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