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1. (Funds Raised) INTERVIEWS FOR NARRATION being scheduled for autumn 2014:

We’ve raised enough funds to film the Interviews that will serve as the main narration for Touched By Hannah. This autumn (2014) we will begin conducting on-camera interviews with people who witnessed Chris, Hannah and Betsy’s many ordeals. Family, friends, doctors, nurses etc. have agreed to share what they witnessed the Hennessy’s go through.


We also plan to interview others with heroic stories about their battles of surviving cancer.



We need financial support in order to be able to film the main events of our story. Recreating these scenes and showing what happened to the Hennessy’s is the backbone of Touched By Hannah.
To learn more please see our web paged titled, “THE STORY,” and check “THE DOCUDRAMA, A FEW OF THE EVENTS THAT WILL BE RECREATED.”


3. Contribute to Touched By Hannah and Get The Below Perks!

  • $50

    Get Touched T-Shirt or Touched T-Shirt, Christian

    You get one Touched by Hannah (logo) T-Shirt with this slogan underneath the logo: "Get Touched!" or You get one Touched by Hannah (logo) T-Shirt with this slogan underneath our logo: Corinthians 13:13, Faith, Hope and Love


  • $100

    Team Touched by Hannah

    Your name will be immortalized forever in the closing credits of Touched by Hannah. You’ll be one of the VERY FEW whose name will be eternally part of our crucial messages! You also get a digital copy of the film!


  • $250

    Coffee Joint Meet Up

    Meet Chris and Hannah at a local San Francisco Bay Area Coffeehouse for an approx. one hour chat and coffee—and-food-on-Chris! Chris's Charisma and LaffLotz humor will caffeinate you more than the coffee! We'll film a bit and feature a short video on our YouTube channel forever, and send you the link. We'll even put it on YOUR YouTube channel, too. No YouTube channel? We'll create one for you and include your video!


  • $450

    LaffLotz with Chris!

    You, your guest, Chris and others will head to dinner at Chick Fil A Sunnyvale, CA, and than to a popular local comedy club. You'll accompany Chris backstage to meet and mingle with the comics. Then it's time to relax and have a couple of drinks and watch the show. (two drinks max included with this offer) Chris will personally hand you your FREE Touched by Hannah T-Shirt! Travel and lodging is not included.


  • $1,000

    Chris Speaks or Emcee's at Your Event

    Chris Speaks/Emcee's at your special event: conference, team-building, Church event, or any Organization’s Special Event! Chris's charismatic personality and ad-lib sense of humor will take your group through a one hour journey that's inspiring, hilarious, tear-jerking and motivational! He'll explain how staying positive and focused during cancer surgery, a near death experience, 10 weeks of Radiation and dealing with Hannah's micro-premature birth was a gift that changed his life! Chris can stay two add'l hours to meet/greet guests. Out of Bay Area you pay Chris’s travel/lodging.


  • $1295

    Chris Films Your Special Event

    Chris will film (one camera) and edit (basic edit) your special event. (up to 6 hours on location) You get a priceless video memento (.mov) via email ( and your own youtube link too! You pay Chris's travel and lodging if your event is outside Northern CA. Event must be filmed by end of 2015


  • $5000

    Be an Executive Producer

    You'll live the experience of being on a film set and the glamour of being an Executive Producer is yours! You and a guest will join us for an action-packed 1/2 day shoot. You'll get treated royally and meet Chris and Hannah for a scrumptious lunch and engaging conversation. Your name will be in the beginning and ending credits of Touched by Hannah. You also get Five FREE Touched by Hannah T-shirts! Out of Bay Area you pay travel/lodging

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PLEASE tell EVERYONE you know who is affected by cancer or a premature birth to also donate and than see our film.


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